Zombie Night Terror...Review?

Zombie Night Terror is probably best described as a lemmings-esk zombie infestation game, with your primary goal (assuming you're of the same mindset as I am) of biting and infecting as many humans as possible whilst completing the mission goals. The game has no direct control over the zombies, and just like willful lemmings they will simply walk towards whatever goal you have set for them or wander around the general area they are in.

Whilst you have no direct control over them, the walking dead are surprisingly entertaining to control through other means, even more so when you are forcing them to self-destruct, causing blood and body parts to splatter across the screen in a meatboy styled explosion, taking out other zombies and humans in the blast radius. There are several "mutations" available that will periodically unlock as you progress throughout the game, giving you new abilities to unlock and that open up more gameplay elements and strategies. There does seem to be a very loose story from what I have played so far, but I'll leave you to explore that for yourself.

Video options are simple, but to be honest with a game like this I didn't expect much. Full 4K support is a feature and the game should auto-detect your monitors resolution.

A few other options I appreciated was the ability to automatically pause the game when I placed an overlord (a sort of mind-controlling zombie for the peasant zombies), the in built game time tracking and the ability to clear my save data within the game, something that is surprising missing from a lot of games nowadays.

Controls are also fully rebindable (as far as I can tell) with the option of a secondary set of controls.

So far I have enjoyed my brief time with it, and will most likely continue streaming it on a regular basis. The gameplay is a nice mix of challenge and excitement, wondering what each level will bring and how I can overcome it, not to mention the exploding zombies, did I mention that?

Zombie Night Terror is available at both GOG and Steam for £9.99/$12.99 USD, IMO a price that is fitting for a game like this.