The Little Acre...Review?

Point and clicks are far from my forte, in fact The Little Acre is my first brief step into this genre, and so far I have been left with an impression that will be difficult to beat.

Upon entering this world you're greeted with an artistic style that has a whimsical nature to it and a soundtrack to match. Even from the menu screen it was clear that this particular game had some great effort and love poured into it by its creators. From the art direction to the voice acting, everything appears to fit snugly in place, which in turn helped me immerse myself into the magical world that awaited me.

Jumping down the almost literal Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole, you're greeted with a magical world away from the simple farm life your characters left before. Surrounded by strange plant and animal life, everything seems to have a reason to be, and if it were placed in any other world everything you see would seem threatening, but here you're filled with a child-like sense of wonder.

I spend just under three hours with the game, part of which was due to my lack of experience with the basic mechanics of point and clicks in general (how to move between scenes using the edge of the screen etc). The puzzles in the game are on the simplistic side, which honestly I was thankful for so I could experience the world without getting bogged down and becoming uninterested.

I can say that the performance of the game was sublime and had no impact on my experience of the game whatsoever, nor did the frame rate. Animations throughout were simply smooth and I never felt any slowdown, stutter or tearing.

As is expected options are extremely limited here, with just simple sliders for audio and subtitle tracks in various languages.

As someone that has great difficulty keeping focus and finishing games, I can say that The Little Acre kept me captivated throughout, which is a rare feat.

The Little Acre is available at both GOG and Steam for £9.99/$12.99 USD, a more than fair price for such a beautiful and polished gem.