Okhlos was not a game I was expecting to be playing today, but regardless I found myself recruiting hordes of peasants and warriors alike in a mob based action beat'em up. The developer has managed to blend PS1 era looking 3D art with 2D spites, a game I can imagine looking at through rose tinted glasses if it were released back in the 90's.

The premise is simple. Recruit followers to your cause of destruction and havoc across multiple ancient Greek cities fighting mobs and bosses as you go, and the game executes this simple idea excellently. The game has multiple types of followers available from just your lowly peasant to warriors and defenders, each with their own role, benefits and downsides. You can even have stray cats, dogs and other animals follow you on your adventures.

I spent roughly three hours with game, but I certainly will be coming back for more as there are still more levels for me to explore and followers to unlock, the levels of which are semi-randomly generated but maintain a theme for each.

The game has full support for 4K and gamepad support, as well as windowed mode but sadly no borderless mode. The only bugs I encountered while playing the game was a single frustrating crash as I brought a bosses health to its knees, and a strange bug with the underwater wooden platforms that are on the water levels, my character would get stuck around the edges of the object without any means of escape.

Overall this game is a great pickup for the asking price with many hours of mindless fun ahead. The game is available on GOG and Steam for £9.99/12.99 USD.