No Mans Sky...Review?

So I know this has been said by a bunch of people, but these are my nick-picks I have with No Man Sky after playing using a friends version of the game. I was thinking of making a video highlighting all of this, but I simply don't have the audience to make any effect, that and people have already bought the game and found these things out for themselves.

Problems I've had:

I'm sure there is more that I haven't got to yet or I've forgotten about. The game is IMO a shallow impersonation of a grand space exploration game, capitalising on the resurgence in the interest of space games/sims. If you're looking for a game that gives you the same sense of exploration, or you are looking for something that is just as grand but without the pitfalls, the X series is still amongst the best there is. You can get X3 Terran Conflict with it's expansion on GOG and Steam, either that or something like Elite: Dangerous, which actually has real MP.

Right now I think that the biggest argument (beside the above) to not purchase this game is it's price tag. At £39.99/$59.99 USD it seems unjustly expensive.