HuniePop VS The National Center on Sexual Exploitation

HuniePop has found itself under the pressure of The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (also know as Morality in Media, Inc), self-described as "The leading national organization exposing the links between all forms of sexual exploitation such as child sexual abuse, prostitution, sex trafficking and the public health crisis of pornography".

The group originated in 1962 and was founded by Father Morton A. Hill, Rabbi Julius Neumann and Rev. Robert Wiltenburg as a neighbourhood organisational effort to combat pornography distribution in their local area under the codename "Operation Yorkville". Over time this operation spread to other parts of the country and eventually became a nation wide effort in the United States to attempt to morally dictate the daily habits of millions.

Traditionally the NCOSE has focused to combat pornography and sexual imagery in more traditional forms of media such as magazines and television, but with the meteoric rise of the internet, their gaze has turned to the web.

Information regarding the details of this case are still unclear, but it appears that the NCOSE pressured PayPal into viewing games such as HuniePop as pornography, and in turn PayPal pressured Valve. Naturally the gaming community has rallied to defend HuniePop and those games affected by the decision to either censor or have these games removed from the Steam platform.

In response to the large backlash, Valve has issued apologies to the affected developers and are currently "re-reviewing their games".

To all those that believe that art forms such as gaming should be an unimpeded and uncensored, I urge you to sign the below petition asking Valve not to bow to pressures from this puritanical group: