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Keepass Launcher 3.1.0

Simple Encryption 1.2.7

PGP Generator 1.3.3

KeePass Launcher 3.1.0 Release

KeePass Launcher 3.1.0 is now available, find the changes for version 3.1.0 below:

As always. the latest version can be found on this site or via Direct Download

Guide to OBS Voicemeeter Audio Setup

Below you can find all of the information I use for various projects and hobbies, including streaming and audio software. This page will be updated as often as possible to include any new additions, refer to the below changlog for reference read more...

Github Hosting

From now on all written content will be hosted on this page in an attempt to consolidate the sites I have. Any previous content can still be found over at my previous site, while I transfer the content over to the new guides and reviews pages.

PGP Generator 1.3.2 Release

Over the past week I've slowly been adding a few features to ratuma's fork of heiswayi's original PGP Key Generator, most notably the ability to sign messages, as well as sign & encrypt messages at the same time. Below you can find the current feature set as of version 1.3.2:

As of 1.3.2 there is no way to verify messages, although this may come in a future release. Find below a link to the web version, although I highly recommend downloading the offline version.

PGP Key Generator:

KeePass Launcher 3.0.8

KeePass Launcher has now been in active development since 2015, and there is very little maintenance required for the program. As such 3.0.8 will be considered the final release, unless something major changes with either KeePass or KeePassXC.

Initial Release

Seeing as I already have a established Bitbucket page, all the download links on this landing page with point to the direct download links over at Bitbucket. Any projects that I fork on Github however, will stay on Github.