Monday, 15 August 2016

No Mans Sky...Review?

So I know this has been said by a bunch of people, but these are my nick-picks I have with No Man Sky after playing using a friends version of the game. I was thinking of making a video highlighting all of this, but I simply don't have the audience to make any effect, that and people have already bought the game and found these things out for themselves.

Problems I've had:

 * Resolutions don't appear matched up to what they're set to. The game appears to upscale from something like 720p regardless of what I set it to including 4K, this is especially obvious when I'm still getting 60fps at 4K and still see noticeable jaggies on my ship and trees.

 * The anti aliasing doesn't appear to work either, forcing it through the nvidia control panel helps.

* The FOV appears to be either incorrect, or the terrain and gun model is making the FOV appear much narrower than they are, thankfully you can manually edit the FOV in a file.

* Inconsistencies with mouse clicking in menus. Sometimes the menu wants a single click, sometimes it wants you to hold down..why, I have no idea.

* Ship controls are almost non existent when traversing above the planets surface. The ship appears to have a mind of its own and will randomly jerk, rise, fall and turn without any input from you. As someone who has put thousands of hours into flight sims, this was incredibly frustrating.

* The black bar thing when you get a milestone is extremely jarring when in combat or mining, mostly because it removes the HUD and now finding the centre of your screen can be difficult, came close to dying once or twice due to this.

* Inventory management is, well it's a cancerous piece of consolitous that's made it's way onto PC. Hopefully someone will make a Skyrim-esk interface mod for this game, it seriously needs it (I doubt that will happen though).

* Textures in general on planet surfaces are blurry even at full settings, I don't know how to fix this.

* Also noticed some texture pop-in flying over the planet surfaces and flying into the atmosphere. Honestly this point is expected due to the way the game is rendering assets and textures in.

I'm sure there is more that I haven't got to yet or I've forgotten about. The game is IMO a shallow impersonation of a grand space exploration game, capitalising on the resurgence in the interest of space games/sims. If you're looking for a game that gives you the same sense of exploration, or you are looking for something that is just as grand but without the pitfalls, the X series is still amongst the best there is. You can get X3 Terran Conflict with it's expansion on GOG and Steam, either that or something like Elite: Dangerous, which actually has real MP.

Right now I think that the biggest argument (beside the above) to not purchase this game is it's price tag. At £39.99/$59.99 USD it seems unjustly expensive.


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